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Izzy Mahoubi is a singer/songwriter who has something unique to share with the world. Her refreshing melodies and relatable lyrics are beyond her age of 17. Raised In Phoenix, Izzy began performing at the age of 12 around Arizona and in Nashville, Tennessee. Growing up listening to Tom Petty, Taylor Swift, and The Beatles bore Izzy’s love for songwriting and storytelling at a young age. Mahoubi’s songs are a blend of indie pop, rock, and jazz and her music has been described as “contagious pop with radio friendly hooks and commanding vocals” (Ed Masley, Music Critic for the Arizona Republic). Izzy has released five singles accumulating over 150,000 streams and she is currently working on new material to release in the coming months. As for the future, Izzy is eager to begin performing again at larger venues and music festivals as the country reopens.

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